30 April 2012

If a tree fell in your backyard and nobody was there, do you still have to clean it up?


12 March 2011

iPad2 review

Now with more than half a day playing with the new iPad, i think I can offer a pretty fair review and comments about Apple's newest toy.

First off, I am using a 64GB, black iPad wifi/3g AT&T model.

First impressions:
~ It feels lighter than the 1st generation iPad.
~ The two cameras installed in the iPad is crap. Although both cameras are enough for video chatting, taking stills with the cameras feels like you are using a camera phone from the early 2000s. It is really that bad. Back camera is rated at less than 1 megapixel.
~ The shape of the iPad is different from the first model. Although easier to hold like a magazine or book, it now takes a little more effort to plug in the charger and the headphones.
~ Some of the apps open a little faster, game graphics are a little better.
~ I haven't tested the battery life myself but you can read alll about that in the other reviews.

Overall, it is not a giant leap from the first generation iPad. Hell, this is what the first generation iPad should be like! I'm sure Apple is holding out on the better cameras, 4g wireless connectivity, sd card slot for the next version of the tablet.

If this is the first time you are buying an iPad, it is hard to beat this tablet. But if you own the first gen iPad and just thinking of upgrading, unless you seriously need to use the iPad for video chatting and need the extra oomph of the dual core processor, your seemingly outdated iPad will still do its job.

Just web browsing, checking Facebook and playing Angry birds don't warrant the upgrade. Save the money and hold it out another year.

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31 July 2010

PAL - Pilots All Leaving???

I just read about the cancellations of numerous Philippine Airlines flights because PAL pilots decided it was a good time to leave en masse, leaving passengers stranded and the air carrier scrambling to hire new pilots to fly the 320s.

I get it that the pilots left for better paying jobs abroad, but what I don't get is the selfishness and the lack of respect for a contract that these pilots showed. Is that an inherent Filipino trait? I am seriously angered by this and I am just wondering how the management of the air carrier is feeling right now. Pay for all the required training, flying hours required and honing these people to become good pilots and then betrayed.

Filipinos are always talking about utang na loob (debt of gratitude) but as these pilots showed, there is no such thing.

Post the names of the pilots that left and which airline they transfered to and boycott their asses!

29 July 2010

Zinio and Pressreader...

are two of my favorite and most utilized apps for the iPad. To be honest, when I got the iPad, I had no idea what I am gonna use it for. It is a nice must want gadget but serves so real use to me.

Zinio and Pressreader are apps that lests you subscribe to magazines (Zinio) and newspapers (Pressreader) from all over the world. Right now, I use Zinio to get my Maxim, PC World, Macworld and PC Magazine subscription while I am still on the fence on subscribing to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on the Pressreader. (It is $9.99 for a month's worth of news which is cheaper than buying the newsprint in Manila).

I also tried using the iPad as an e-book reader but for me, it fails in that. Having to stare at a backlight LCD for hours strains the eyes badly, even at the least brightness level. I have placed my Kindle pre-order for the new version and is very excited to get it next month.

28 July 2010

God fearing???

I have a problem with the term God fearing. It doesn't sound right and people are using it to describe a person that is deeply religious?

I don't buy in the concept that a deity should be someone you fear. Did the Catholic Church promote this way of thinking? I would think so. They, of all people, want the sheep just to follow their ideologies blindly, discouraging questions and doubts.

 God respecting would be a better term. I would like to think that people follow whoever they worship because they respect him rather than because of fear.

I sometimes say that religion is something we can perhaps do without. What we cannot do without are the basic spiritual qualities. - Dalai Lama

12 July 2010

If I was Lebron

I would have also moved to Miami.

Bosh just signed with Miami, making Miami one of the top three teams in the East, along with Boston and Orlando. If I would have stayed with Cleveland, we might be the fourth best team. We definitely would not be that competitive next season. New York and New Jersey is fine, but honestly I don't see winning a ring in those cities.

I will not move to the West Coast. The market is just not there. I would make more money in the East Coast, unless I move to L.A. But, I will not, in any possible circumstance, play with Kobe or the Clippers.

I could have made more money in Cleveland, but I guess we have peaked a couple of years ago. Shaq isn't getting younger. My teammates are not that good. I hate carrying all the load all the time.

I don't mind not being the only superstar of the team. In fact, I kind of like it. Miami weather is gorgeous.  The beach is right THERE.

Thank God I got out of Cleveland. After seeing the reaction of the organization and the fans after my announcement, it broke my heart. For seven years, I have tried to bring the city and the whole state of Ohio the best basketball in the world. I gave them something to cheer about. I grew up in that town, my life is there. But I have to move on. To further my career and achieve my goal, I had to leave.

This decision is not about money, it is not about loyalty, it is not about anything else but winning.

10 July 2010

Never again will people say, "O, ang laki na ng anak mo." or "The last time I saw you, you were just this big."

Thanks to Facebook for letting us share the growth of our child/children to the rest of the world, shoving it directly to people's computer screens and phones whether they like it or not. But as parents, nothing can make us prouder than the constant comments we receive every time we post our son's/daughter's picture making a weird face, being cute (which I have found out is extremely relative to the relationship one have with the said kid) or any accomplishment he or she might have achieved.

When our kids grow up, they will hate us for putting their entire childhood online.

The embarrassment of having your parents show your old pictures to your girlfriend/boyfriend is now merely a Google search away.